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Welcome To Feel of the Market

In case you’re wondering, this website is all about the cattle business and beef industry. Many are initially puzzled by the title. What in the world does it mean to “feel” a market?

While Feel of the Market includes a unique service of charts, proprietary stats, practical forecasts, penetrating news analysis, and insightful commentary, it essentially showcases the time-tested philosophy and focus of successful beef producers, professionals, and insiders. 

Day in and day out, FOTM articulates and champions the undeniable reality that the whole of the cattle market is greater than the sum of its fundamental, technical, and psychological parts. Like no other marketing resource, it corners and mines the rarest of commodities: judgment, perspective, and honest risk assessment.

So if you’re a producer or processor committed to long-term profit and viability, a trader or investor determined to recognize market opportunities and challenges from the inside out, or just someone who needs to be on the cutting edge of cattle business conversation, Feel of the Market may be an invaluable addition to your internet toolbox and library.

Though no market in the modern era is completely free of governmental interference nor joined upon an entirely level playing field, the cattle trade is surely as good and exciting as it gets. Ours is a business that spurns outside subsidies, reels between extraordinary profits and staggering losses, and dares to ride the whirlwind in between.

In many ways, Feel of the Market stands watch over the last great frontier of free enterprise. Come join us on the wall.


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What People Are Saying

“Cactus continues to be a long time subscriber and have always felt that the Feel of the Market newsletter was one of the better ones that we subscribe to. John’s rhetoric on the market is much appreciated and enjoyed for his colorful comments which sometimes brighten up an otherwise gloomy day.”

Paul Engler
Cactus Feeders
Amarillo, Texas

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